The Dark Side

Posted on by Liam

The Dark Side

In Tim Grover’s book “Relentless” which I talked about in my last post. ┬áHe mentions that every cleaner has a dark side. ┬áMichael Jordan was one of the biggest shit talker in the game.

Tim goes through his top 10 Rules for Success:

  1. Apply the “Don’t think” concept (trust your instincts)
  2. Always look for the competitive edge (always staying ahead of the game)
  3. Act on your passion (passion means nothing, act on it or stay where you are)
  4. Do your homework
  5. Think about winning first (the bottom line is the end result)
  6. Sweat the small stuff (they pay very close attention to every detail)
  7. Control your Dark Side (harness the fuel from that Dark Side, and turn it into positive fuel)
  8. Lead Properly
  9. Stay focused on your ultimate goal
  10. Don’t settle for legendary

Check out the video!