Cleaners Always Need To Finish

Posted on by Liam

Cleaners Always Need to Finish

Cleaners always need to finish.

No matter what the circumstances are.

Tim Grover tells a story about Michael Jordan one time playing a pick up game of basketball with some pretty good guys at Attack Athletics Training Camp.  One of the guys that he was playing with had a heart attack.  The guy was foaming at the mouth, and Tim rushed in to start giving him CPR.  Thankfully they were able to revive the guy, and get him to stable.  Michael was pissed, because he wanted to finish the game.  Tim needed to find somebody else so that he could finish the game.

Cleaners always need to finish.

Coolers like I said in an earlier post are people that are just good.

Cleaners are UNSTOPPABLE

Coolers can have a great day

Closers can have a great month

Cleaners have a great year..  every year.

My dentist is a cleaner.  He’s does Dental Care in Danbury Connecticut.


Cleaners see the situation, they take it, and they fix it.  Coolers read the story, closers tell the story, and cleaners change the story.

It’s all about mindset.  We’re all given the time.  The greatest entrepreneur in the world has the same exact hours every week to go work.

Who’s successful?  The person who just believes 100% in themselves, has a Positive Mental Attitude, and works the hardest in the room.