Do Your Homework

Posted on by Liam

Do Your Homework

trainingOne thing that separates Cleaners from the rest of the normal players, business owners, and people is they do their homework.  Cleaners always need to finish as I talked about in the last article.  One thing that they always need to do as well is TRAIN.  Their homework is…  TRAINING.  Cleaners know what they’re good at and train to be even better at it.

Cleaners don’t focus on what their bad at, but instead they double down on the skills that their amazing at.


Not just when it’s convenient.

Not just when its warm and sunny out.

What’s Important Now?

This is one question that I often ask myself when I’m trying to get focused.

What’s important now?

Like right now – what should I be focusing my time on?

For me its Sales Training, Prospecting, and learning more about Marketing.

It’s not House Cleaning, Washing the dishes, or walking my dog.  Those chores can be done by anyone.  I need not waste my time doing them.  Even if I save a couple bucks.