My Life Going Forward

Posted on by Liam

My Life Going Forward

my lifeMy Life needs to change drastically.  I hit these weeks where something throws me off my game.  Not just a little off my game, but completely off my game and I start spiraling down my old path.  I used to be a serious video game addict.  I commanded Clans, Guilds, and Groups in every game that I ever played.  I started with Diablo 2 running different scams, and building my clan.  I moved from D2 to other games like Starcraft 2, and HOTS.  However, those strategy games were never in my true niche because it was based 100% on strategy.

I fell in love with a game called RIFT that sucked up at least 20 hours a week of my life, every week for 3-5 years.  Every once in a while when I get thrown off my game I come back to that comfortable video game playing spot and waste hours playing games on the computer, my phone, or in my head.  I get so enthralled with the game that I literally map out what I’ll do in my head while I’m doing other activities.

This is one of those weeks.  I’m not doing my homework, and definitely not doing any cleaning.  Instead I’m fighting the urge to play video games.

How do I get back on my Game?

Learning what threw me off is important.  This time it was a two-fold.  Number one, I’ve had one of the biggest months in business yet.  I just signed a Martial Arts School in Danbury Connecticut to handle their marketing.  I’m doing great, and that’s half the problem.  I have a need to do better, but looking at videos of Lambos just kind of bums me out.  I need to start focusing on immediate goals, and incremental income.  I still will think 10X, and have lofty goals.  However, I need to focus on sealing deals every month, consistently.