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My Life Going Forward

Posted on by Liam

My Life Going Forward

my lifeMy Life needs to change drastically.  I hit these weeks where something throws me off my game.  Not just a little off my game, but completely off my game and I start spiraling down my old path.  I used to be a serious video game addict.  I commanded Clans, Guilds, and Groups in every game that I ever played.  I started with Diablo 2 running different scams, and building my clan.  I moved from D2 to other games like Starcraft 2, and HOTS.  However, those strategy games were never in my true niche because it was based 100% on strategy.

I fell in love with a game called RIFT that sucked up at least 20 hours a week of my life, every week for 3-5 years.  Every once in a while when I get thrown off my game I come back to that comfortable video game playing spot and waste hours playing games on the computer, my phone, or in my head.  I get so enthralled with the game that I literally map out what I’ll do in my head while I’m doing other activities.

This is one of those weeks.  I’m not doing my homework, and definitely not doing any cleaning.  Instead I’m fighting the urge to play video games.

How do I get back on my Game?

Learning what threw me off is important.  This time it was a two-fold.  Number one, I’ve had one of the biggest months in business yet.  I just signed a Martial Arts School in Danbury Connecticut to handle their marketing.  I’m doing great, and that’s half the problem.  I have a need to do better, but looking at videos of Lambos just kind of bums me out.  I need to start focusing on immediate goals, and incremental income.  I still will think 10X, and have lofty goals.  However, I need to focus on sealing deals every month, consistently.

Do Your Homework

Posted on by Liam

Do Your Homework

trainingOne thing that separates Cleaners from the rest of the normal players, business owners, and people is they do their homework.  Cleaners always need to finish as I talked about in the last article.  One thing that they always need to do as well is TRAIN.  Their homework is…  TRAINING.  Cleaners know what they’re good at and train to be even better at it.

Cleaners don’t focus on what their bad at, but instead they double down on the skills that their amazing at.


Not just when it’s convenient.

Not just when its warm and sunny out.

What’s Important Now?

This is one question that I often ask myself when I’m trying to get focused.

What’s important now?

Like right now – what should I be focusing my time on?

For me its Sales Training, Prospecting, and learning more about Marketing.

It’s not House Cleaning, Washing the dishes, or walking my dog.  Those chores can be done by anyone.  I need not waste my time doing them.  Even if I save a couple bucks.

Cleaners Always Need To Finish

Posted on by Liam

Cleaners Always Need to Finish

Cleaners always need to finish.

No matter what the circumstances are.

Tim Grover tells a story about Michael Jordan one time playing a pick up game of basketball with some pretty good guys at Attack Athletics Training Camp.  One of the guys that he was playing with had a heart attack.  The guy was foaming at the mouth, and Tim rushed in to start giving him CPR.  Thankfully they were able to revive the guy, and get him to stable.  Michael was pissed, because he wanted to finish the game.  Tim needed to find somebody else so that he could finish the game.

Cleaners always need to finish.

Coolers like I said in an earlier post are people that are just good.

Cleaners are UNSTOPPABLE

Coolers can have a great day

Closers can have a great month

Cleaners have a great year..  every year.

My dentist is a cleaner.  He’s does Dental Care in Danbury Connecticut.


Cleaners see the situation, they take it, and they fix it.  Coolers read the story, closers tell the story, and cleaners change the story.

It’s all about mindset.  We’re all given the time.  The greatest entrepreneur in the world has the same exact hours every week to go work.

Who’s successful?  The person who just believes 100% in themselves, has a Positive Mental Attitude, and works the hardest in the room.

The Dark Side

Posted on by Liam

The Dark Side

In Tim Grover’s book “Relentless” which I talked about in my last post.  He mentions that every cleaner has a dark side.  Michael Jordan was one of the biggest shit talker in the game.

Tim goes through his top 10 Rules for Success:

  1. Apply the “Don’t think” concept (trust your instincts)
  2. Always look for the competitive edge (always staying ahead of the game)
  3. Act on your passion (passion means nothing, act on it or stay where you are)
  4. Do your homework
  5. Think about winning first (the bottom line is the end result)
  6. Sweat the small stuff (they pay very close attention to every detail)
  7. Control your Dark Side (harness the fuel from that Dark Side, and turn it into positive fuel)
  8. Lead Properly
  9. Stay focused on your ultimate goal
  10. Don’t settle for legendary

Check out the video!


I’m a Cleaner

Posted on by Liam

I’m a Cleaner..

First rule of being Relentless..  if you say you’re a cleaner than you’re not a fucking cleaner.

But I had to get your attention somehow right?

If you haven’t read Tim Grover’s book entitled “Relentless” yet than I highly suggest you do.  It’s one of the books that changed my life forever.  Like I said in my first post, I’m just a waiter at a diner.  Seriously, a waiter at a diner!

Why read my blog if I’m such an underachiever?


No joke!  I make the cash.  I make a lot of cash, because I know how to work with people.  If you’re reading this blog than you’re probably looking for either motivation, inspiration, or something to fil that empty void of sadness.

I encourage you to fill that void with greatness by listening to the video below about Tim Grover’s book “Relentless”